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CAC Corporation

『Interested in using IT plus Business? Come and see us! 』

Telecommunications, IT


Job title募集職種 IT Engineer
Job description, summary仕事内容 This is an entry level position with an Oct.1st, 2015 or April.1st, 2016 start date.

The current position that is open is an IT Engineer.
Being an IT Engineer is not all about programming. Come and see how we use IT and Business together so even if you aren't that super programmer you still can work in IT!
Salary給与 Master/PhD        230,500円
University (4 years) 215,000円
Vocational College   199,000円 (as of 2015) 修士・博士・学士(6年制) 230,500円
学士(4年制)       215,000円
専門卒           199,000円(2015年度実績)
Locations勤務地 Tokyo
Application Requirements応募資格 What we are looking for?

•Fluent English with some ability to speak Japanese (MUST) (best is around business level Japanese N2, however those that have at least Daily Conversation Japanese will also be considered if they have an IT background).

•Global minded individuals that are interested in not only IT but also the business side as well.

•Less than 2 years working experience and with the latest graduation date of not later than March 2012.

•IT majors or have experience in IT ( either professional or hobby) Areas of interest: Infrastructure, Programming experience, Application design, etc.).

•Other majors/experience is also accepted especially those that have backgrounds in: Non-IT Engineering, Mathematics, MBA holders, Accounting, Finance, Economics, and other business areas. Any questinos, come and see us anyways and see what we are looking for and see if we are a match!

•Desire to work for a Japanese IT company who doesn't mind working on both Domestic and Global Projects
How to apply応募方法 Come to our seminar at the job fair! After you attend you will qualify to for the aptitude test and if you pass the test you can interview via SKYPE for the first interview! English or Japanese interview, entry sheet is ok!
Selection method選考方法 If interested we will need your resume with photo at the job fair! Do not for get it! If you do it will delay your chance to take the test and interview. You will hand it in at the end of the seminar. English or Japanese is accepted and in any style.
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