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CAC Corporation

『Interested in using IT plus Business? Come and see us! 』

Telecommunications, IT


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Company name企業名
CAC Corporation
Business overview概要・事業内容
CAC Corporation as of April 1st, 2014, changed from the being the controlling company that overseas the various group companies, and now is a group company instead. CAC Holdings which was recently established as of April 1st, is now the controlling company that overseas the group companies.

Although we reestablished our company CAC, we have been around since August of 1966 and are known as the 1st independent software development company in Japan. Here at CAC we specialize in working with companies in industries such as in Finance, Pharmaceuticals, and many others. We not only deal with companies in Japan but also strive to expand our global network.

We are a total solutions company we are involved in all aspects of the the system design phase. Starting from the initial sales call, designing/planning phase, programming. testing, and maintance.

As an employee you will could have a chance to be involved in all aspects of this phase so you won't be stuck doing the same job but have a chance to experienc a variety of projects and work in your career at CAC.

Come and see what we are all about, we have 18 different countries represented at CAC with over 50 internatinal employees with over half them joining in the last few years!
Sales rate of the Company
outside Japan海外売上比率
Number of Offices
outside Japan拠点
List of Offices outside Japan海外拠点数及び一覧 6
CAC America (NY, CAC Europe (London), CAC India, CAC Shanghai, GoldenTech Computer Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd., Accel Frontline Limited.
Rate of Foreigners in the
Japanese Headquarters office日本本社 外国人比率
Rate of Japanese Staffs with the
experience of studying abroad日本人社員の留学経験者比率
Company's average
TOEIC scoreTOEIC平均スコア
English HP英語ホームページ http://www.cac.co.jp/recruit/en/index.html
Phone number電話番号 0120411073
Official web site