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『Creating a Culture of Fun』

Telecommunications, IT


Job title募集職種 ■Software Development Positions
・Sound Creator
■Marketing and Management Positions ■開発職
Job description, summary仕事内容 ■Software Development Positions

Staffs in Software Development Positions are in charge of the development of computer games.
Development teams are organized by game titles.
Various specialists such as producers, directors, planners, programmers,
designers and sound creators cooperate to establish virtual world concepts in
computer games and the finer details such as characters' animation.
This is challenging but rewarding work.

Programmers will make computer game software, development tools and
network tools.
They will also conduct research and development of game engines.

Designers will conduct 2D & 3D designing of characters, backgrounds, motion
pictures, imaging effects, interface as well as conducting desktop publishing.

・Sound Creator
Sound Creators compose, create sound design and sound programming used in computer games.

Planners are in charge of establishing overall plans, drafting specifications,
managing project progress, generating KPI and other necessary data and
coordinate the overall integration of games.

■Marketing and Management Positions

Marketing and Management involve the development of Capcom's business
through Expansion, Maintenance and Governance.
These positions require diverse duties and responsibilities, and you could be
actively involved in various work fields.

i) Marketing Planning and Strategy
ii) Business Strategy and Planning
iii) Finance and Accounting
iv) Publication and Investor Relation
v) Human Resource
vi) General Administration
vii) Intellectual Property
viii) Legal Department
ix) Quality Assurance
x) Sales
xi) Promotion and Publicity
xii) Character Contents Business

Your position will be decided based on training results after recruitment, your
aptitude and we will take thought of your preference. ■開発職






① 事業企画
② 経営企画
③ 財務・経理
④ 広報・IR
⑤ 人事
⑥ 総務
⑦ 知的財産
⑧ 法務
⑨ 品質管理
⑩ 営業
⑪ プロモ―ション・パブリシティ
⑫ キャラクターコンテンツビジネス

Salary給与 Monthly base salary
(Amount exclusive of benefits, social welfare deductions, etc.)
 ■Software Development Positions   \217,000
 ■Marketing and Management Positions \207,500
  ※Monthly salary for Marketing and Management Positions includes
 \20,000 as allowance only for those situated in Tokyo. ■開発職 月給 217,000円
■総合職 月給 207,500円
Locations勤務地 Osaka or Tokyo 大阪、東京
Application Requirements応募資格 ・Applicants must have at least junior level standing at a four year college or
 university, or have at most one year of a graduate program left. And those
 who have already graduated from an accredited four year college or
 university are also eligible to apply.
・Business level Japanese and English skills (reading/writing/speaking/listening)
 are required.
・This position is open to all majors, but candidates should be able to think
 critically about game entertainment as a business. ・2014年3月までに卒業見み、もしくは卒業された方で職歴がない方。
How to apply応募方法 Please access this page;
https://job.axol.jp/14/s/capcom/entry/ まずはマイページからエントリーをお願いいたします。
Selection method選考方法 ①Register on the following website:
②Various stages of screening
 ※Screening method differs for Software Development and Marketing and 
  Management Positions.
  For more information, please check the above website.
③Job offer ①マイページ(https://job.axol.jp/14/s/capcom/entry/)にエントリー
Official web site