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医療用機器・医療関連 /精密機器

Job title募集職種 ・Research and Development (diagnostic chemistry, mechanical, electrical and software engineering)
・Service engineer
・Administration (business strategy, accounting, general affairs, human resources) ・研究開発(診断薬、機械、電気、ソフト)
Job description, summary仕事内容 ◆Reagent
The goal here is to develop reagents to gain insight into the human body from blood and urine samples. We do not just rely on what we already have but actively adopt the latest technologies for the development of our next generation of products.

Using the latest mechanical technologies, you will take on many kinds of challenges associated with product realization. This is also related to establishment of mass production in the factory and in every step until the product is complete."

This field covers everything from circuit boards to power supply units. This requires putting your energies into the improvement in such areas as processing speed and measurement systems. People here play an important role in the miniaturization and stable production of our products.

This field covers the development of software that controls the internal device systems as well as algorithms for the analysis of measurement data thus linking the parts together and giving life to the instrument as a whole.

◆Service engineer
This entails working directly with customers and using your knowledge and knowhow to ensure accurate repairs and offer rapid responses. Building up trust in ARKRAY and confidence in the instrument while on the front line are key here.

◆Domestic (Japanese) sales
You will take charge of your own sales area and offer products and services that provide solutions to your customer’s issues. The establishment of a relationship of trust is vital.

◆Overseas marketing
This is global marketing together tied in with active communication with our overseas distributors. Building a dynamic sales network and breaking into new and expanding existing markets.

Your role here is to bridge the gaps between development, sales and the customer. Your goal is to increase ARKRAY brand power through the analysis and the supply of academic information inside and outside the company."

Accurate management of people, materials, money and information allowing the company to move boldly forward: helping other employees to work smoothly and supporting the company as a whole in many ways.








Salary給与 Starting salary
April 2015 intake
■Research and Development/ Academic■
With doctor’s degree JPY 244,000/ month
With master’s degree JPY 234,200/ month
With bachelor’s degree: JPY 215,500/ month
■Marketing,Service engineer,administration,manufacturing■
With master’s degree JPY 215,500-234,200/ month
With bachelor’s degree: JPY 205,500-215,500/ month 初任給
  博士了:244,000円 修士了:234,200円 学部卒:215,500円
  修士了:215,500~234,200円 学部卒:205,500~215,500円
Locations勤務地 Research and development: Kyoto Laboratory
Overseas marketing, administration: Kyoto Head Office,Kyoto Laboratory
Academic, domestic marketing, service engineer: locations nationwide
*There may be opportunities to work in nationwide locations for any occupational field. 研究開発 : 京都研究所
海外営業、管理 : 京都本社、京都研究所
学術、国内営業、サービスエンジニア : 全国事業所
How to apply応募方法 ◆Entry 
First , please make your application through our homepage or RIKUNABI or MAINABI. We will then send you information about your personal site which we will use to contact you about explanatory meeting reservations and selection results etc.


Selection method選考方法 ◆1st Step: Company Explanatory Meeting

Explanatory meetings
During the explanatory meeting we will give you an overview and explanation of the recruitment areas as well as introducing you to some of our young employees. We will have time for you to ask questions so this is a good chance to get information on not just on the basics, but on all aspects of your career placement.
*After the explanatory meeting, those wishing to be selected for entrance to the company shall sit a written test.
*We shall send you more information about scheduling and other details via your personal site.

◆2nd Step: Primary selection

Primary selection
Interviews (individually or as part of a group), original test

◆3rd Step: Secondary selection

Secondary selection
Here, we will hold an individual interview. This is the final part of selection.

This is an interview for those that have passed the earlier stages and a chance to raise any doubts or concerns that you may have.

◆Unofficial offer
Once you have passed the interview and both sides have reached a firm decision, we will offer you an unofficial offer.
*The information above outlines the predicted flow of events but there may be changes depending on the career area you select.
◆1st Step<会社説明会>

※ 説明会後に、弊社選考をご希望される方は続けて筆記試験を実施します。
※ 日程・詳細については「パーソナルサイト」にてご案内します。

◆2nd Step<一次選考>


◆3rd Step<二次選考>


合格者面談 疑問や不安にお答えする個人面談です。

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