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Job title募集職種 Sales, Accounting & Finance, Legal, Public Relations
Investor Relations, General Affairs, Human Resources
Corporate Planning

営業、経理・財務、法務、広報・IR、総務、人事、経営企画 ほか
Job description, summary仕事内容 ■ Sales
Requires widespread efforts and knowledge, being wired in
the market for everything that spins and moves, aiming to
uncover hidden needs of customers.
Not only introducing standard products but advancing
proposal-based sales are essential for creating a new market.

■ Accounting & Finance
Requires global expertise based on US-GAAP as Nidec is listed
on the New York Stock Exchange and to provide core
information on business strategy, such as budget, closing control and financial condition, sharply and accurately.


Salary給与 PhD: JPY 245,500/month
Master: JPY 228,500/month
Bachelor: JPY 205,500/month 博士了 月給 24万5500円
修士了 月給 22万8500円
学部卒 月給 20万5500円
Locations勤務地 Kyoto Shiga, Nagano, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Overseas 京都、滋賀、長野、東京、大阪、名古屋、福岡、海外 ほか
Application Requirements応募資格 Japanese language skill: Business level 日本語レベル:ビジネスレベル
How to apply応募方法 Please apply from our website or a major recruiting site
such as RIKUNAVI and MYNAVI. 当社ホームページもしくは各種ナビからエントリーをお願いします。
Selection method選考方法 Explanation meeting

Aplication form review
Aptitude test
Interviews (up to third)

Offer 会社説明会


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