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Nitori Co.,Ltd.

『Envision your future』

Distribution, retails

Job title募集職種 Major Career Path.
We have Manufacturing function,Distribtion function,Sales function and Advertising function in our business.
Nitori members build their career through various departments. 総合職。様々な部署を『配転教育システム』により経験していただきます。
Job description, summary仕事内容 【Nitori Group Business Field】
Furniture and decorative interior goods sales, coordination in newly built houses, sales business of overseas imports and original development goods, mail-order business, home coordination business, sales business for corporations, overseas project and foreign trade business, distribution business, developer business (Nitori mall) and new store development (Deco home) etc..

Salary給与 University-graduate The monthly salary of 236,000 yen.
Graduated from a graduate school The monthly salary of 243,600 yen
(The single who are Tokyo, Osaka and Kanagawa duties together. Local allowance 39,600 engan)
大卒   月給23万6000円
大学院卒 月給24万3600円
Locations勤務地 A store: Japan 360 store, Taiwan 19 store, the United States 5 store and Chinese 2 store 10 base in the logistics distribution center: and 3 bases of foreign countries
overseas base : China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and United States
A head office: Tokyo and Osaka
Headquarters: Sapporo (current as of December 22, 2014) 店舗:日本360店舗・台湾19店舗・アメリカ5店舗・中国2店舗 物流センター:国内10拠点、海外3拠点 
海外事業所:中国、タイ、ベトナム、マレーシア、インドネシア、インド 、アメリカ 本部:東京・大阪 本社:札幌(2014年12月22日現在)
Application Requirements応募資格 The college student who is planning to graduate in 2016 2015年春・2016年卒業予定の大学生
How to apply応募方法 Entry more than Nitori new graduate site or other web sites, please.
I'll deliver the information which are company explanatory meetings for the person who entered. ニトリ新卒サイト、または他のWEBサイトよりエントリーをお願いします。
Selection method選考方法 Company briefing session⇒ web test⇒ interview (more than one times) 会社説明会⇒WEBテスト⇒面接(複数回)
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