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『“fundamentally unique products”』



Job title募集職種 Business job,
research and development job,
production tech job,
post of customer service engineer 営業職、研究開発職、生産技術職、カスタマーエンジニア職
Job description, summary仕事内容 ■Business job: High-speed Color Inkjet Printer, the enlargement of sale of our product mainly on the digital press, system introduction suggestion, a sales promotion plan, the administration in the charge area.

■Research and development job: Fundamental researches, product development, product design (each field of a machine design, the electric electron, software, chemistry, physics)

■Production tech job: Including the mass production technology development, in-house production apparatus development, quality control (each field of chemistry, a machine design, the electric electron)
※The type of job to have feelings in a technique to make a fort (I take it and appear) of the quality of the product, a thing

■Post of customer service engineer: Maintenance after follow of our product
※The type of job to get the communication with the visitor while using the technique ■営業職:高速カラーインクジェットプリンタ、デジタル印刷機を中心とした当社製品の拡販、システム導入提案、担当エリア内の販売促進企画・運営など



Salary給与 ■A university graduate: 210,250 yen
■A House is a graduate: 230,250 yen ■大卒:210,250円
Locations勤務地 ■A business job: Nationwide
■Research and development job: Tsukuba
■A production tech job: Ibaraki or Yamaguchi
■Post of customer service engineer: Nationwide ■営業職:全国
How to apply応募方法 At first of our my page, please register.
i do a seminar and guidance of the selection from my page. まずは、当社マイページの登録してください。
Selection method選考方法 ・Company briefing session participation ※ is required
・Entry sheet presentation
・WEB test examination
・Personal interview (the first, the second, the last) ・説明会参加※必須です
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