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Toyo Engineering Corporation

『Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community』

Construction, Real Estate


Job title募集職種 Junior Engineer
Junior Sales Staff
Junior Procurement Staff
Junior Corporate Staff 技術系総合職
Job description, summary仕事内容 Our final goal is establishment of various plants such as petrochemical, chemical, gas, energy, and power. To reach the goal we engage and operate consulting, corporate planning, basic design, detailed design, procurement, inspection, transportation of equipment materials, and construction & commissioning.
Salary給与 Master JPY 244,000/Month
Bachelor JPY 223,000 yen/Month ◆総合職
修士     月給244,000円
大卒     月給223,000円
高等専門卒  月給202,000円
Locations勤務地 Chiba head office, domestic and overseas offices / bases, construction sites, etc.
Application Requirements応募資格 Those who are expected to graduate from college, university, graduate school or those who graduate from college, university, graduate school (from March 2016 to March 2018) 高専、大学、大学院卒業見込みの方
または 高専、大学、大学院卒業の方(2016年3月~2018年3月卒の方)
How to apply応募方法 1. Please apply and sign up from our company recruiting website (http://www.toyo-eng.com/jp/ja/recruit/top.html) or "my-nabi".
2. We will give you the information of several seminars for those sign upped.
3. Please apply and participate for a seminar.
Selection method選考方法 Document selection, interview, exam (English, aptitude etc.) 書類選考、面接、試験(英語・適性など)
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