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『Managing Ambiguity the Scientific Way』

Telecommunications, IT


Job title募集職種 Engineering Consultant in Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field, Manufacturing Field, Decision-Making Support Field, Information/Telecommunication Field エンジニアリングコンサルタント:構造設計・災害対策、製造、意思決定支援、情報通信の各分野
Job description, summary仕事内容 ■ Engineering Consultant in Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field
We help in designing a safe and secure society that will be able to withstand disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc. Concretely speaking, we provide structural design service for super high-rise buildings, special buildings and residential housing construction using our base isolation, vibration control and quake-proofing technology.

■ Engineering Consultant in Manufacturing Field
We reform the way things are made using our engineering technology. Especially in the design process, we contribute to shortening the development period and reducing the cost using Simulation Based Design (SBD).

■ Engineering Consultant in Decision-Making Support Field
Through the scientific study of communications, we support decision making and consensus building. Concretely speaking, we conduct various scientific studies - marketing analysis that identifies certain rules in "human decision making", decision making risk analysis, operations research analysis, integrated service of qualitative measurement, data aggregation and analysis of the movement of people using camera images, multi-agent simulation that allows scientific exploration of society by performing experiments in an artificial society, that are difficult to perform in reality.

■ Engineering Consultant in Information/Telecommunication Field
We design the value that lies ahead of continuous evolution of the network. Concretely speaking, we provide system development projects such as large scale mobile communications, mobile inspection, examination of the next generation wireless telecommunication system, radio wave propagation analysis, electromagnetic field analysis consulting, and providing related products. エンジニアリングコンサルタント

■ 建設・防災分野

■ 情報通信分野

■ 製造分野

Salary給与 ■Gross Salary
●Bachelor Degree (Monthly pay, Without dependents )
◇Base pay: Sub-total 171,750JPY
-Rank (J1) 128,000JPY
-Score (Assessment 1) 0JP
-Age (21yrs old) 43,750JPY
(Age based wage; in case of 21yrs old at start of accounting year)
◇Allowance: Sub Total 43,500JPY
-Region (Tokyo) 33,500JPY
-Perfect attendance 5,000JPY
-Non-smoking 5,000JPY
◆TOTAL 215,250JPY(1,794US$)

●Master Degree (Monthly pay, Without dependents)
◇Base pay: Subtotal 183,250JPY
-Rank (J1) 128,000JPY
-Score (Assessment 3) 8,000JPY
-Age (23yrs old) 47,250JPY
(Age based wage; in case of 21yrs old at start of accounting year)
◇Allowance: Sub Total 43,500JPY (Same as Bachelor case above)
◆TOTAL 226,750JPY (1,890US$)

●Doctor Degree (Monthly pay, Without dependents )
◇Base pay: Subtotal 188,500JPY
-Rank (J1) 128,000JPY
-Score (Assessment 3) 8,000JPY
-Age (26yrs old) 52,500JPY
(Age based wage; in case of 21yrs old at start of accounting year)
◇Allowance: Sub Total 43,500JPY (Same as Bachelor case above)
◆TOTAL 232,000JPY (1,933US$)

*Calculated with conversion rate 1US$=120JPY
*Total contains all allowance except overtime work allowance
*If you work 40hours of overtime, approx. 60,000 JPY will be added.
**Please note that approx. total 25,000 JPY will be deducted from the above mentioned salary, for tax and insurance charges. (After second year, approx. total 35,000 JPY will be deducted.)
*Semi-Annual Bonus is also applicable (100,000JPY at 1st year. After second year, bonus depends on company performance and individual performance, but 2 months’ salary amount is assured.) ■ 給与
  大卒、高専(専攻科)卒(22歳の場合) 月給21万5250円
  修士了(24歳の場合) 月給22万6750円
  博士了(27歳の場合) 月給23万2000円
Locations勤務地 Tokyo, Kumamoto 東京,熊本
Application Requirements応募資格 ■Degree
Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

■University Major Field
All Majors (Preferable: Architecture, Civil engineering, Computer science, Mathematics, Physics)

■Language skill
  JLPT N2 or N1 ■ 学歴
高専(専攻科)、大学、大学院卒業・修了見込みの方(2018年3月卒/了の方)、または 大学、大学院卒業・修了の方(2012年4月~2017年3月卒/了の方)

■ 学部・学科

■ 日本語スキル
JLPT試験でN2, N1相当
How to apply応募方法 Please enter from Rikunabi or Mynavi. リクナビ,マイナビからエントリーしてください。
Selection method選考方法 1.Submit CV and Short Essay
2. Aptitude test
3.Interview (3 times) 1.書類提出(エントリーシート,作文)
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