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Job title募集職種 Production Engineer Position 生産技術職
Job description, summary仕事内容 You will be required to operate the production facility's design, assembly, installation, and maintenance at the factory. 工場で稼働する生産設備の設計・組立・据付・メンテナンスを行って頂きます。
Salary給与 master’s degree JPY 224,000/ month 修士卒:224,000円
Locations勤務地 Japan, factory in Europe, America, and Asia 日本、海外工場
Application Requirements応募資格 ・Science majors preferred (Electricity major, Mechanics major, Pharmacy major, Chemistry major
・Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, etc.
・理系歓迎 (電気系、機械系、薬学系、化学系等)
How to apply応募方法 Please apply by submitting your curriculum vitae (CV) through this email.
E-mail: nipro-global-links@nipro.co.jp 当社にて書類選考を行うため、 下記アドレスに履歴書をメールにてお送り下さい。
E-mail: nipro-global-links@nipro.co.jp
Selection method選考方法 Please acknowledege beforehand that the selection process will be done based upon your resume, and only those who pass wil be contacted separately on an individual basis.
履歴書を元に当社にて書類選考を行い、 <<合格した方のみ>>個別にご連絡します。予め、ご了承下さいませ。
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