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Job title募集職種 [Project Sales] (Printing, advertising, publicity - project proposal sales)
[Technical Writer] (Technical manual editing)

Both job types relate directly to ITP's core business, so we are looking for staff with adaptivity, intellectual curiosity, and vitality.
We will soon be celebrating our 100th year in business, and we are looking for staff to share our vision & philosophy, to create the next 100 years of our company's history. 【企画営業】(印刷・広告・宣伝-企画提案型営業)

Job description, summary仕事内容 [Project Salesperson]
You will be required to approach customers with sales proposals focusing on ITP's almost 100 years of experience in production, distribution and service.
You will forge partnerships in various different businesses and industries based on ITP's accumulated know-how, and provide complete one-stop service from proposal to production and delivery (ITP handles all areas of each job).
Your job will be to provide these on-stop solutions to customers.

<Job Details>

○ Project Proposals: Propose projects that utilize printed material, web content, mass media, sales promotion material, events etc. to provide customers with the solutions they require.
○ Coordination: Realize the customer's vision through full use of ITP's internal production functions - printing, design, writing, editing, translation etc.

* In addition, you will adapt success cases to new areas to develop new business opportunities, and accurately catch emerging trends in the business world such as planning, establishment and operation of new businesses to expand ITP's business domain.

* Currently business solutions utilizing IT such as web content in particular are popular.

[Technical Writer]

You will be required to create product manuals for new and existing products, including automobiles and office automation equipment developed by our client manufacturers.
When a new project has been decided, you will create the necessary manuals while sharing progress reports with development staff, and edit existing manuals as changes are made to the design specifications for existing products.
For example, the content of user manuals for the same new model vehicle will vary greatly depending on whether the manual is for vehicle distributor staff or normal vehicle users.

Before all else, user’s manuals must be “easy to understand”.
This is not just a case of putting the manufacturer’s planning documents into words. You must also consider the end user and the situation in which they will be using the manual, and create a manual that is clear and easy to understand in this situation.

You will be required to communicate with clients to request design documentation and prototypes etc., so it is important that you have good communication skills, the scientific knowledge to understand technical design documentation, and a logical mind.
You will also have a chance to use your language skills, as you will be required to communicate regularly with offices overseas. 【企画営業職】


 ○企画提案 ・・・お客さまの求めるソリューションを、印刷物、Web、マス          メディア、販促物、イベント等を通じて企画提案
 ○コーディネート ・・・お客さまへの企画提案を、印刷、デザイン、
            ライティング、編集、翻訳等、 社内の生産機能を




 当社のクライアントメーカーが開発した自動車やOA機器などの新製品・既存 製品の、 製品マニュアル作成を行います。
 新製品の企画が決まってきた段階で開発メンバーと進捗状況を確認しながら作 成をしたり、 既存製品の設計に変更が発生した場合などは修正を行います。

 見た人が実際に使う場面を想定して、正確に分かりやすく表現することがポイ ントです。

 クライアントメーカーに設計図面や試作品の提供などを求めることも必要にな るため、 コミュニケーション能力や企画意図を理解する理工系の知識や論理 的思考等も重要。
 また海外拠点とのやりとりも多くあるため、語学力を活かしていただくことも できます。
Salary給与 University graduate – 201,000 yen / month
Graduate school graduate – 201,000 yen / month

Allowances: Commuter allowance, family allowance, sales allowance (Project Salesperson), paid overtime (Technical Writer) 大学卒/月給20万1000円

Locations勤務地 [Project Salesperson]
Kanto area: Tokyo, Sapporo
Chubu area: Aichi
Kansai & Kyushu area: Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka

[Technical Writer]
Kanto area: Tokyo
Chubu area: Aichi

* We will give all possile consideration to your preferences when assigning your work location. 【企画営業職】
 関東エリア : 東京、札幌
 中部エリア : 愛知
 関西・九州エリア : 京都、大阪、福岡

 関東エリア : 東京
 中部エリア : 愛知

Application Requirements応募資格 To graduate March 2014 with graduate degree/postdoctoral 2014年3月に卒業見込み、大学院修士・博士課程修了/修了見込みの方
How to apply応募方法 First please apply through Rikunabi.
At this time we will make selections with consideration for area of preference. まずはリクナビからエントリーください。
Selection method選考方法 ○ Company information session

○ Applicant screening

○ First round interviews

○ Second round interviews

○ Third round interviews

○ Official employment offer  ○会社説明会
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