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JKBranding Inc

『Make the world your stage』


Corporate data

Company name企業名
JKBranding Inc
Business overview概要・事業内容
Branding Kyoto, Japan and HR!
Sales rate of the Company
outside Japan海外売上比率
30% / (2016/現在)
Number of Offices
outside Japan拠点
List of Offices outside Japan海外拠点数及び一覧
Rate of Foreigners in the
Japanese Headquarters office日本本社 外国人比率
30% / (2016/現在)
Rate of Japanese Staffs with the
experience of studying abroad日本人社員の留学経験者比率
70% / (2016/現在)
Company's average
TOEIC scoreTOEIC平均スコア
English HP英語ホームページ https://www.worldstage.jp
Phone number電話番号 0752577601
Official web site