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Nabtesco Corporation

『moveing it,stopping it. Nabtesco』



Corporate data

Company name企業名
Nabtesco Corporation
Business overview概要・事業内容
Design, development, production, sale of Precision Reduction Gears, Railroad Vehicle Equipment, Marine Vessel Equipment, Aircraft Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Automatic Doors, Platform Doors, and Welfare Equipment
Sales rate of the Company
outside Japan海外売上比率
Number of Offices
outside Japan拠点
List of Offices outside Japan海外拠点数及び一覧
Rate of Foreigners in the
Japanese Headquarters office日本本社 外国人比率
Rate of Japanese Staffs with the
experience of studying abroad日本人社員の留学経験者比率
Company's average
TOEIC scoreTOEIC平均スコア
English HP英語ホームページ
Phone number電話番号
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