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『Aiming to become a creative company that will continue to offer new value 』

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The Takashimaya Group's business objective this fiscal year is to become a creative company that will continue to offer new value. We will work to link our online business and bricks-and-mortar stores in Japan to achieve omnichannel marketing; that is, selling products anytime and anywhere. This initiative will strengthen our domestic department stores. We will review and modify our department stores to gain customer support and achieve the ideal as soon as possible, so that we will develop our strengths and gain a competitive advantage. Our domestic group business will also offer new high value-added services in close cooperation with the domestic department business to enhance the brand value of the entire Group.
In our overseas business, we opened Shanghai Takashimaya on December 19 last year. This was the first time that we had opened a large department store since the Shinjuku store in 1996. Aiming to become a global company with a particularly strong presence in Asia, we are pursuing strategies for overseas operations, focusing on China and ASEAN countries. To increase our international presence, the entire Group will attempt new initiatives, without worrying about risks, to offer new value to our customers both in Japan and overseas.
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Domestic Department Stores
Okayama,Gifu,Yonago,Takasaki,JR Nagoya Takashimaya,Iyotetsu Takashimaya

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Singapore Takashimaya,Shanghai Takashimaya,Dayeh Takashimaya
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