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Nishimoto Wismettac Group

『The global enterprise specializing in foods and food ingredients serving throughout the world.』



Corporate data

Company name企業名
Nishimoto Wismettac Group
Business overview概要・事業内容
The Company sells foodstuffs in various countries and regions, handling sales of products from foodstuff materials to processed food products that represent a wide range of product segments from the best supply locations. Company business activities include: export of Japanese and Asian foods, supply of foodstuff materials for food product manufacturers, sales of foodstuff ingredients to commercial entities such as restaurant chains and convenience stores, sales of brand-name food products from overseas and original character goods, World Gift, and health care.
Sales rate of the Company
outside Japan海外売上比率
Number of Offices
outside Japan拠点
【Nishimoto Trading】
Tokyo, Bangkok representative office, Paris representative office

Tokyo, Kobe office, Shanghai

【Wismettac Asian Foods】
UNITED STATES: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, Arizona, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Ohio, Washington DC, Atlanta, Florida, Orlando, Dallas, Houston
CANADA: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal
List of Offices outside Japan海外拠点数及び一覧 西本連合食品商貿有限公司(上海)

NTC Wismettac Singapore Pte, Ltd. (シンガポール)
NTC Wismettac Australia Pty, Ltd.(オーストラリア)
NTC Wismettac Europe B.V.(オランダ)
Harro Foods Limited (イギリス)
Rate of Foreigners in the
Japanese Headquarters office日本本社 外国人比率
Rate of Japanese Staffs with the
experience of studying abroad日本人社員の留学経験者比率
Company's average
TOEIC scoreTOEIC平均スコア
English HP英語ホームページ http://www.ntcltd.com/english/index.html
Phone number電話番号 0368702008
Official web site