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『To become the No. 1 Internet services company 』

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Since the founding of our company in 1997, in an era of major upheaval with the Internet revolution, Rakuten has grasped the opportunity to achieve great growth. The Internet has just undergone the first half of its revolution, and we are convinced the Internet will continue to fundamentally change people's lives over the next ten years and bring forth a new era.

Rakuten is already providing services in shopping, travel, professional sports, finances and numerous other businesses, but there remains much left to do to achieve its goal of "empowering Japan" and "becoming the No. 1 Internet company in the world ". There will no doubt also be many astonishing services and business models created one after another. The everyday lives of people will be changed by Rakuten as people's lifestyles become more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable.
If you are the kind of person who wants to savor the joy of giving birth to new things, feel the dynamism of development, and experience growth by making the maximum effort in progressing toward a clearly defined vision, Rakuten is the place for you.
Those Who Can Savor Growth.
Those who can make progress with a "purpose".
Those who can think for themselves and take action.
Those who are highly energetic.
Those who want to empower society.
And above all else, those who can relate to Rakuten's "Principles for Success"
It is with such talent that Rakuten believes it can take on the challenge of achieving unprecedented success together.
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