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Family Mart Co.,Ltd.

『"FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family"』

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Corporate data

Company name企業名
Family Mart Co.,Ltd.
Business overview概要・事業内容
As the head office of franchise-based business, FamilyMart provides a package of essential tangible and intangible systems—spanning products, store operations, and store development—that allows franchisees to manage their stores successfully. In addition, purchase and inventory information which is gathered at stores is consolidated at the head office level. This information is used to improve the precision of daily ordering operations and is reflected in ongoing strategy proposals. Every effort is made to address social change by ensuring that each function of our business model continues to evolve. In this manner, we are placing ourselves in the position to provide customers with optimal, one-stop solutions to an inwide, increasingly range of demands. We are taking positive steps toward capturing the customers of other retail formats,
thereby successfully expanding our market share.

Sales rate of the Company
outside Japan海外売上比率
Number of Offices
outside Japan拠点
47 prefectures of Japan(include AFC)
List of Offices outside Japan海外拠点数及び一覧 6
Taiwan,Thailand,China,United States,Vietnam,Indonesia,The Philippines
Rate of Foreigners in the
Japanese Headquarters office日本本社 外国人比率
2% / (2015/現在)
Rate of Japanese Staffs with the
experience of studying abroad日本人社員の留学経験者比率
Company's average
TOEIC scoreTOEIC平均スコア
English HP英語ホームページ http://www.family.co.jp/english/
Phone number電話番号 81339896600
Official web site